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Unit 2 Hands on

 Remenber in these  projects (L5B,L6,L7) you must use different pictorial genres

L5A Painting with lines

Draw a landscape ( preliminary drawing). Paint it with markers with diferent kinds of lines. Half page with cool  and half with warm colours.

L5 B Painting with tempera
Use primary and secondary colours. Remenber do not use textures or volume, paint with flat colours. Explain how are you using the colours following the Psychology of color .
Revise color presentation and if you want you have there two voluntary activities!

L6 Painting with tempera . Use just one tone and its tints ( tone +white). Remenber do not use textures or volume, paint with flat colours.

L7 Painting with watercolour using diferent types of  Textures ( Let´s check  acuarela)

Remenber in these  projects (L5B,L6,L7) you must use different pictorial genres

Visual arts

 The visual arts are art forms such as   painting,  drawing,  printmaking ( engraving)  ,  sculpture,  ceramics,  photography,  video, filmmaking, design, crafts, and architecture.

Some traditional painting and drawing techniques

  • Acrylic paint
  • Gouache /Tempera 
  • Ink
  • Oil paint
  • Watercolor
  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencil

The pictorial genres are usually classified in terms of their thematic content: portrait and self-portrait, still life, landscape and marine, abstract ... (there is more like religious, mythological, allegorical, history, etc.)

  • Portrait mainly of a person (animal or personified thing). It is considered self-portrait when it is the portrait of the author of the work.

Pompadour   de Modigliani

  • Still life . It is a work of art that represents animals, flowers and other objects, which can be natural (fruits, food, plants, rocks or shells) or man-made (kitchen utensils, table or house, antiques, books, jewelry , coins, pipes, etc.) in a given space.

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

  • Landscape is the graphic representation of extensive terrain. It is known as marine, any visual language (painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture ...) whose main inspiration is the sea.

The starry night of Vincent Van Gogh

  • Abstract is a form of artistic expression that dispenses with any figuration and proposes a new reality different from the natural one. Use a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition that can exist regardless of real-world visual references.

Composition in red, yellow, blue and black, by Piet Mondrian.

Figurative images are those in which we can recognize the object represented. As that degree of similarity or approach with reality decreases, the image will reach increasing degrees of abstraction. The image faithful to the reality it represents is called realistic, sometimes confusing with it (Hyperrealism)

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 Un cuadrilátero es un polígono formado por la intersección de cuatro rectas . Los cuadriláteros pueden tener distintas formas, pero todos ellos tienen cuatro lados, cuatro vértices y dos diagonales, y la suma de sus ángulos internos siempre da como resultado 360º.

Los cuadriláteros se clasifican según el paralelismo de sus lados.
  • Paralelogramos: tienen dos pares de lados paralelos.
  • Trapecios: tienen solamente un par de lados paralelos.
  • Trapezoides: no tienen lados paralelos.

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Triángulos. Puntos notables

 Superficie plana limitada por tres rectas que se cortan dos a dos. Los puntos de intersección de las rectas se llaman vértices, y los segmentos comprendidos entre los vértices se denominan lados del triángulo.

Los vértices se designan con letras MAYÚSCULAS látinas en sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj, y los lados minúsculas,utilizando para ello la misma letra del vértice opuesto; el lado a será el lado opuesto al vértice A.
la suma de los tres ángulos interiores de un triángulo  vale 180º
Cada lado de un triángulo es menor que la suma de los otros dos, pero mayor que su diferencia.
En un triángulo rectángulo la hipotenusa es mayor que cada uno de sus catetos. 

Clasificación de los Triángulos

Según sus lados 

Según sus ángulos

Puntos Notables De Los Triángulos
Hay 4 puntos notables de los triángulos ( bueno hay por ahí una enciclopedia que ya lleva una lista de 3588  !!!, pero nosotros estudiaremos sólo estos  😣😣😥   )
  • Baricentro: Dado un triángulo cualquiera, a,b,c, se denomina baricentro al punto en que se cortan las medianas. la mediana es el segmento que une un vértice con el punto medio del lado opuesto.
  • Circuncentro: Se denomina circuncentro de un triángulo al punto en que se cortan las mediatrices de los lados.El circuncentro de un triángulo es el centro de la circunferencia circunscrita al triángulo
  • Incentro: Se denomina incentro al punto en que se cortan las bisectrices de un triángulo.El incentro es el centro de la circunferencia inscrita al triángulo
  • Ortocentro: Se denomina ortocentro al punto en que se cortan las alturas de un triángulo.
Para repasar...

Mira aquí  Puntos notables en un triángulo
aquí Triángulos (rectas y puntos notables)
aquí  Triángulos (rectas y puntos notables)
y aquí Triángulos caprichosos

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Here is the Unit 1

A. Link: Basic elements of images 
B. Link: Communication

  • To think about....

L1 Desing your ad
The content of the pieces should send a message that focuses on reflection on gender-based violence, promoting the eradication of this violence and focusing on prevention, early detection and intervention. We want to count on you to amplify the message of the resounding NO to gender-based violence and reach it everywhere. Each student must make a work, with their own version of the NO and using free technique. The most important thing is to convey a clear and clear message against sexist violence. Without any doubt.

  The ad will be made in horizontal or vertical format with DIN A3 measurements (42 by 29.7 cm), without copyrighted images. They must be original and unpublished. and must include the phrase "November 25. International Day against Gender-based Violence ”, as well as a motto in Galician related to the fight against gender-based violence and its rejection.

L2 Trademark
 Let´s check the lesson:

Remenber : Take your notes in back of your page ( or another page)

1.Search on magazines or newspapers three examples of Logotipe,three examples of combination logo and three isologos. Glue them in the front of your page and write their names.

2. Design your on  trademark . Paint it with markers. About 3cm diameter. Topic :  Gender Equality

Equality means "the state of being equal." It's one of the ideals a democratic society, and so the fight to attain different kinds of equality, like racial equality, gender equality, or equality of opportunity between rich and poor, is often associated with progress toward that ideal of everyone being truly equal.

Examples of visual identity


Técnica y estilos. Dibujo Artístico