martes, 13 de septiembre de 2022

Art 3rd ESO Materials School year 22-23


Folder of paper or cardboard (to put your projects)I recommend having a box (shoe type) . This course you can have the materials in the Art classroom

Measuring tools (Ruler) about 3Ocm
Drawing tools (Set square, )
Remember "square": right angled isosceles triangle 45º-45º-90º
Remember "right" angled scalene triangle 30º-60º-90º

Watercolor colored pencils

Tempera or gouache painting (white, yellow, magenta, cyan) in tube

Rubber and sharpener
3 art brushes (small , medium , big) work with water

Graphite pencil 2H
Graphite pencil 2B
Clean cloth (you have at home, you can reuse an old t-shirt)
Small plastic water container (2 units) .Remember .............Recycling helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste
Pallet (plastic)



Work coat (optional, may be an old shirt or shirt)
Newspapers and magazines
Removable memory
Drawing notebook with margins

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